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Owning a business in New York can be complex and challenging. There are any number of legal issues you must deal with, whether you are starting a business, currently operating a business, selling a business, or buying a business. In addition to understanding the best structure for your business, you also need to be concerned about potential litigation, dispute resolutions, and agreements between partners or shareholders.

At Solomon Richman, P. C. we provide a wide range of legal services for businesses of all sizes. Some of the services we provide include assistance with:

  • Business transactions
  • Business formations and startups
  • Assistance with selling a business
  • Assistance with buying a business
  • Corporate divorces and business breakups
  • Business and commercial litigation services
  • Business dispute resolutions and arbitration services
  • Shareholder agreements and disputes
  • Business partnership agreements and disputes

At Solomon Richman, we have been serving Long Island and the New York City metropolitan area for more than 50 years. We have represented numerous companies of all sizes with a full range of legal services to businesses and in a wide variety of industries including sales, technology, manufacturing and services businesses.


Business owners in New York must meet all requirements of state and federal employment laws. In addition, there is another set of laws that impact New York City-based businesses known as New York City Human Rights Law. Under these laws, there are more stringent requirements regarding discrimination in hiring, firing and promoting employees.


If you are part of a union, you may find you need an attorney to assist with a variety of issues including:

  • Collective bargaining – we can provide a representative to assist with negotiating all terms of collective bargaining contracts and agreements.
  • Public Employment Relations Boards and Litigation – oftentimes there may be an instance where you need representation at board hearings or when you are involved in litigation. Solomon Richman, P.C. is prepared to represent your interests at these hearings.
  • Enforcing agreements – oftentimes, arbitration or mediation is necessary to assist in the enforcement of agreements. Solomon Richman, P.C. is committed to ensuring the best possible outcome for public sector employees in all agreements.


New York real estate laws are quite complex. Whether you are purchasing your first home or selling your home, Solomon Richman P.C. can help you through the process. We have the skill and experience you need to handle a whole range of real estate legal issues from closing on a new home to real estate disputes.

Whether you are buying a home for the first time or you are facing foreclosure, you can count on the legal team at Solomon Richman P. C. to help. We can help with easy transactions like helping you close on your mortgage, fight foreclosure or review any real estate contracts you might be considering signing. You need the team at Solomon Richman P. C. by your side to help protect your rights in both simple and complicated real estate transactions. Call us today at (516) 437-6443 and speak with one of our real estate attorneys. We can help make sure your real estate transactions are as worry-free as possible.


Getting involved with commercial real estate can be fraught with legal problems. Those who are considering purchasing commercial real estate or already own commercial real estate require the services of a skilled commercial real estate attorney.

At Solomon Richman, P.C. we have a deep, working knowledge of commercial real estate law. We understand the difficulties and challenges that arise when dealing with commercial real estate transactions. We have many years of commercial real estate experience and we will do our best to protect your rights and interests.

Commercial property owners should never feel they have nowhere to turn when they are facing legal challenges.


Few of us ever like the idea of planning for the day we are deceased. However, without a solid estate plan in place, the courts could ultimately determine who inherits your assets. Whether you have a small estate or a large estate that includes a business, you need to have a plan in place to protect your loved ones.

At Solomon Richman, P.C. we help you set up an estate plan that is most beneficial for you and your family. We understand all the issues that may be involved in such a plan, especially if you have a business. Business owners need a sound plan to ensure their business continues to thrive even after they have passed. Whether you have a small, family-owned business or a medium-sized business where you are the chief executive, having a plan in place can help avoid business interruptions and court battles over who has the right to continue running your business.


Generally speaking, white collar crimes are those that are financial in nature and may involve federal as well as state charges. Being convicted of a white collar crime can seriously impact your ability to maintain a professional license and continue working.

Too often, people believe if they are being investigated and feel they have not done anything wrong think they do not need legal assistance. This is not the case, however. New York prosecutors aggressively pursue all white collar crimes and will prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. Even those who are under investigation should seek the services of a white collar crimes attorney to protect them.

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